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            AIRCRAFT:   1997 Challenger CL-604; N600AM; S/N: 5345 (Previously on CAMP)           **PHOTOS**


            ENGINE(S):   GE CF34-3B (S/N’s: 8019; 8239); APU – Garrett GTCP-36-100E JSSI

            NOTE: Engines have been and continue to be maintained under a short term storage program since the aircraft was seized (See attached documentation)


            APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated from logbooks or other information):

                        ENGINES/AIRFRAME:   8374.20 hrs/3197 ldgs


                        8-2012 N600AM AD SB List                      06-26-2013 Log Entry                                           5345 Run Sheet                            8130-6 N600AM  


                        May 2011 N600AM Log Entry                    N600AM Maint Entries to Sept 2012                  Corrected N600AM Log Page


                        8-2012 Status Report




            EQUIPMENT: 6 Tube Collins Proline IV EFIS; Collins Equipped: (3) VHF-422 Coms; (2) VIR-432 Navs; (2) ADF-462 ADF; (2) DME-442 DME;

            (2) TDR-94D Mode S Txpdr’s; (2) FMS-6000 FMS; (2) GPS-4000 GPS; (2) Litton LTN-101 Inertial; (2) HF-9000 W/Selcal HF;

            (1) TTR-920 W/Chng 7 TCAS; Sat-906 6 Channel Sat/Com;


            Artex ELT 453-0152 ELT; Magnastar C-2000 W5 HS Airphone; Honeywell MK V EGPWS; Fairchild A100S CVR; Fairchild F1000 FDR;

            Collins FCC-4006 Autopilot


            DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT: Aircraft was seized and stored by government authorities in Spain for 15 months.


            DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES: Minor alterations were made to the interior of aircraft including a second divan seating installed where

            previously 2 captain’s chairs had been and false circuit breaker panel installed in closet (see photos);           **PHOTOS**


            LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT: Aero Toy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL      


            REMARKS: Special Features:


            RVSM; Dual Collins ADC-850 ADC’s; Previously on Camp – APU/JSSI and Smart Parts Plus; WX-100E Lightening Detection; 8.33/FM Immunity;

            Dual Alt 55 Rad Altimeters; Pulse Landing/Logo Lights; CD 300 Data loader; RNP5/ BRNAX; Internal Fuel/Defuel Pnl; CMS 400 Audio Chck List;

            Long Range Tanks; Collins + upgrade w/3D Map; 3 add’l cabin windows; Pylon Service Light; Increased gross weight 600 lbs; Extra boarding light;

            Swift 64 Collins HST-900; Stage III


            Paint – Matterhorn White with Silver, Gold Blue Stripes (10/2004)


            Interior (12/2004) – Originally 10 place with 4 place forward club seating; aft 4 place divan opposite left side 2 place club seats (2 place club seats

            removed and false divan installed); seats upholstered in light gray leather, blue lower/ light gray upper sidewalls & headliner, blue carpet.

            Cabinetry finished in high gloss santos rosewood veneer with smoke nickel fixtures.  Fwd galley w/coffee maker, microwave, monitors, dvd/vhs/cd. 

            (Aft closet altered to make appear as if a circuit breaker panel – see photo); Aft lavatory.


            Weights:  MTOGW: 48,200; Ramp: 48,300; ZFW: 32,000; Landing: 38,000; BOW: 27,730; Empty: 26,128;

            Fuel Wt: 20,000; Fuel Cap: 2,963


            INQUIRIES:  Jacy Watt (; 404-946-1414; 


            CLAIM NUMBER:   AAC00340191 / ATL


            MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE BID - $2,400,000.00



All bids must be returned on this Bid Sheet directly to fax # (404) 946-1497

or sent via email to



                 You are advised that the described aircraft is for sale “AS IS/WHERE IS” and written, sealed bids or faxes will be accepted no later than 4:30 pm EST,

                    Friday, July 26, 2013

                 The bidder will be notified on the following Tuesday and agrees to provide wire transfer.  Salvage will not be released until receipt of your wire transfer. 

                 All storage and handling charges accrued prior to notification of high bid will be the responsibility of the seller and after that date will be the responsibility of the

                 purchaser.  Seller reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


                 Seller makes no expressed nor implied warranties for the condition, fitness for purpose, value, airworthiness or operation of performance of any kind whatsoever,

                 whether in contract or tort in respect to the sale of any aircraft salvage. The buyer acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the

                 aircraft before signing and forwarding their bid and purchasing same.


                 Please submit your bid on this form and return it so as to be received in this office no later than 4:30 pm EST, Friday, July 26, 2013.


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