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   SIAI Claim #:  2019-21

   Global Aerospace and Sample International Aviation invite you to bid on the salvage below, as is, where is, before deadline of 7:00 pm Eastern on June 7, 2019

         WARRANTY:  There is no warranty, express or implied for the information provided herein or the condition, useability,

                            workability, operability or marketability of the aircraft salvage.  All times are approximate and the logbooks

                            and aircraft should be inspected by each bidder BEFORE BIDDING.  Failure of the bidder to view the

                            salvage or wreckage, or confirm any information provided is NOT grounds for a claim or withdrawal of bid

                            after bid closing date.)   Your submission of a bid indicates that you have READ and ACCEPT the TERMS & CONDITIONS at bottom of page.


                       HOURS estimated from logbooks or other information - not guaranteed or warranted


           AIRCRAFT:  2005 Piper PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC N316DG, s/n: 3257375

                                The last Annual Inspection was accomplished on 04/10/2018 at 1844.7 AFTT

                                Current Hobbs time is 1889.6



          ENGINE:        Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A, s/n: L11962-61A

                                The last Annual Inspection was accomplished on 04/10/2018 at 1844.7 ETT


          PROPELLER Hartzell HC-I3YR-1RF, s/n: HK1021B

                                   04/10/2018 at 1844.7 PTSN, 297.0 SMOH

                                   Prop overhauled on 11/0/13 at Hobbs 1547.7



          EQUIPMENT:   All listed avionics removed for safekeeping except pilot side Avidyne display

                                    (2)  Garmin 430W Nav/Comm

                                    (1)  Garmin GTX-330

                                    (1)  Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel

                                    (2)  Avidyne Flight Max PFD/MFD Displays (Co-pilot side removed for safekeeping, pilot side with aircraft)


          DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Right tire blew on landing at West End, Bahamas.  Aircraft departed the runway at landing speeds.


e          DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:   See attached photos. Damage includes but may not be limited to the following:        **PHOTOS**


·        All three prop blades are bent and engine experienced a prop strike

·        The landing gear is broken off at all three points and the aircraft came to rest on the belly.

·        The wings and belly are damaged.   

·        The fuselage is damaged at the aft cabin doors, which were found partially open and will not close tightly.




         LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:  The aircraft was retrieved to the FBO ramp at West End, Freeport, Bahamas, and is sitting on tires. 

                                                        The cabin door was taped shut prior to the retrieval. 


         REMARKS:   Logs and equipment retrieved are in custody of Sample International Aviation. 


         INQUIRIES:  SIAI Adjuster Scott Harris 904-631-4388


         CLAIM NUMBER:      716507            SIAI NO:  2019-21




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Terms & Conditions:

            Award or Rejection - Bids must be received no later than 7:00 PM EASTERN TIME ON JUNE 7, 2019 .  The salvage will be sold to the highest bidder; however, Global Aerospace, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids without explanation.

            Charges – Storage charges, beginning 15 days after notice to the successful bidder, are the responsibility of the purchaser.  All other charges pertaining to the salvage accruing after the date of sale are the responsibility of the purchaser.

            Inspection - Bidder may inspect the salvage; failure to do so is at bidder's risk.  Bidder is to execute a release and hold harmless before any inspection.

            Condition of Salvage - This sale is on an as is, where is, all faults basis.  There are no warranties, express or implied, of any nature.  The seller and Global Aerospace, Inc. completely disclaim and successful bidder waives any liability in tort or warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  The successful bidder bears all risks regarding the condition, usability, workability and operability of all of the salvage.  The successful bidder agrees that it will comply with all state and federal regulations regarding transporting, handling, sale, disposal or any use whatsoever of the salvage and will indemnify the seller and its insurers from any claims, damages, expenses, legal fees or fines sought by any third party in connection with the transporting, sale, disposal or use of the salvage once it is purchased.  The successful bidder releases Global Aerospace, Inc., the broker, the seller, the consignor, as well as the storage facility, the airport, the landlord, or tenant, where the salvage may be stored, from any and all claims, or lawsuits by the undersigned relating in any manner to the referenced salvage.  The successful bidder disclaims, waives and agrees to save and hold harmless, and to defend those on whose behalf this release is issued from any and all actions, claims, or lawsuits that may arise as a result of the salvage by the successful bidder.  This release, disclaimer, waiver and agreement to save, hold harmless and defend, is also intended to bind the purchaser's successors, spouse, children, heirs, business associates and the undersigned's insurance carriers.

            Time is of the Essence

            Notification - Successful bidder will be notified by telephone.  Neither the price range nor amount of the successful bid will be disclosed and will remain confidential.

            Payment – A certified check or cashier's check is due within10 days of notification of award.  Failure to make payment when due will be a default.

Bill of Sale - Once the successful bidder’s funds are received the aircraft wreckage, Log Books and Bill of Sale will be released to the successful bidder.


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