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                        Please submit your bid on this form and return it so as to be received in this office no later than 4:30 pm EST, Friday, May 16, 2014.


                        All bids must be returned directly to fax # (404) 946-1497 or sent via email to


                        AIRCRAFT:  1998 Beech 400A, N193BJ, s/n RK-193


                        ENGINE(S): JT15D-5, Left engine s/n  PCE-JA0153; Right Engine s/n PCE-JA0154 (Right engine destroyed and NOT included with this salvage)


                        APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated from logbooks or other information):


                        ENGINES:   LEFT ENGINE ONLY - see attached  LOG RECORDS


                        AIRFRAME:  As of May 29, 2013,  AFTT 4,480.0; LNDG 3169    LAST AIRFRAME LOG ENTRY


                        EQUIPMENT: See attached EQUIPMENT LIST       


                        DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT: During takeoff, a large bird or birds were ingested into right engine causing catastrophic failure and engine pylon separation. Aircraft experienced severe vibration and inflight instability.

                                                                            Crew performed hard landing back to departure airport, landing above gross weight.   


                        DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES: Right engine destroyed, right wing upper skin hit by engine debris, right engine cowling destroyed, right engine pylon damaged, possible engines carry through spar damage, minor right rear fuselage damage,

                                                                            possible pressure vessel breach, possible twist to horizontal stabilizer and elevator, possible aircraft symmetry misalignment, hard landing over 15,700 lbs max landing weight, turbulence inspection for full scale

                                                                            deflection of flight controls. The crew reported electrical spikes, feeder fail light activated, load meter erratic and went full scale on left generator side momentarily, severe nose shimmy after landing suspect

                                                                            due to one thrust reverser deployment, trim system was activated but ineffective due to possible electrical spikes.  


                 LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:   Rochester  International  Airport, New York           


                       REMARKS: Logbooks with insurance company, Atlanta, GA.

                                          Acft has clear title with no liens.

                                          Right engine is not to be part of salvage disposition due to complete destruction and is to be transferred to Pratt & Whitney for analysis.

                                          Aircraft records are complete and well documented.

                                          Left engine is undamaged. 

                                          Interior is recently upgraded.

                                          Very well maintained and operated aircraft.     



                         STARR ADJUSTER CONTACT:  Ed Encinas concerning logbooks inquires (404) 720-1966


                        OTHER CONTACT:  Kevin Olsen for prior permission to gain access and inspection of aircraft (718) 748-0560.


                        CLAIM NUMBER:   AVCHU0366439 / ATL  / Chubb


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                            You are advised that the described aircraft is for sale “AS IS/WHERE IS”. Emails and faxes will be accepted no later than 4:30 pm EST, Friday on the date shown above.  The successful bidder will be notified on the following Tuesday

                            and agrees to provide payment via wire transfer unless an alternate payment method is agreed to by Starr.  Salvage will not be released until receipt of your wire transfer or other payment method as agreed to by Starr.  All storage and handling

                            charges accrued prior to notification of high bid will be the responsibility of Starr and after that date will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  Starr reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


                            Starr makes no expressed nor implied warranties for the condition, fitness for purpose, value, airworthiness or operation of performance of any kind whatsoever, whether in contract or tort in respect to the sale of any aircraft salvage. The buyer

                            acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the aircraft before signing and forwarding their bid and purchasing same.



                            Amount of Bid: $_____________________________________________. US Dollars only                           


                            Name of Bidder:                                       __________________________________


                            Address:                                                                                                                __


                            Phone Number(s)                                                              Fax Number                             


                            Email Address(s):__________________________________________________________________


                            Bidder Signature                                                              Date of Bid                                         


                            Please complete each line so that we have complete contact information for you and please make it legible.


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